WSQ Lead with Vision (SFw) CRS-Q-0036757-TOU


On completion of this unit, participants would have learnt the knowledge and application skills needed to lead a team to deliver service excellence that is in line with the organisation’s vision, mission and values. This includes developing and operationalizing a customer focused strategy that promotes a customer-centric environment and analysing the team’s performance to identify areas of improvement.

Course Outline

1. Recognise the roles and responsibilities of a leader in operationalising the organisation's vision, mission and values.
2. Promote a customer-centric environment to influence team to achieve service excellence.
3. Analyse performance of team to identify follow-up actions for improvement.


  • 16 hours
  • 2 days (Full-Time), 1.5 weeks (Part-Time)

Mode of Instruction

This 16-hour course uses:
• Mini lectures - to succinctly explain the concepts and theories
• Interactive activities - Group discussions on knowledge and procedural process.
• Group and individual exercises for practical activities including role-plays.
• Independent learning sessions to practice skills and evaluate own progress based on case-studies and games.
• Mutual sharing and feedback on performance through all formal and informal learning activities and games.

Trainer-Student Ratio - 1:20


Upon successful completion of the course and passing all assessments, participant will be awarded with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) by SSG.


Target Audience 

The main target audience is managerial staff from the tourism industry sectors. The job role(s)/occupations that this unit would be relevant to may include:
• Event/Project Manager
• Travel Account Manager
• Travel Operation Manager
• Event Services Manager
• Other Managerial roles in the Tourism industry may be considered

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Entry Requirement

  • ES WSQ WPL level 6 and above or
  • Preferably 1 GCE ‘O’ Level pass or equivalent


Tuition Fee
Self Sponsored for SC / PR ≥ 21 years above
Less SSG Funding (After 50% of Tuition Fee)
Tuition Fee after Funding
7% GST
NETT Fee Payable
Self Sponsored for SC ≥ 40 years and above
Less SSG Funding (After 90% of Tuition Fee)
Tuition Fee after Funding
7% GST
NETT Fee Payable
Non-Tuition Fees
Application Fee (non-refundable)
NETT Fee Payable


Company Sponsor for Non-SMEs and SMEs

Course Fee Subsidy of up to **90% and **Absentee Payroll Funding for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents Employees

**Subjected to SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Terms and Conditions.


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