Agents Code of Conduct

Code of ethics & professional conduct ("CODE") To be observed by agents and Tourism Management Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd ("TMIS")

Vision & Purpose


This Code describes the expectations that we have of ourselves and of our Agents as we work together as partners to bring about and deliver quality private education to all students who are enrolled or plan to enrol on our courses.

This Code articulates the ideals to which we aspire but does not purport to be exhaustive. Under all circumstances, the guiding principle shall be fairness and honesty in all our dealings and doing what is right and honorable at all times in order to uphold and maintain the good name of TMIS.



This Code applies to ourselves as well as all our duly appointed agents whether within Singapore or abroad as we firmly believe that the best could only be achieved through the collective efforts and dedication of everyone involved in the process.  


Mandatory standards to be achieved and observed by agents and its staff 

Good moral standards

Agents must possess good moral standards as they are expected to set an example for both present and prospective students and also through interaction with family members of students. Under no circumstances shall any Agent take unfair advantage of or abuse his position for self-gain or act to the detriment of others or does any act which is liable to bring TMIS into disrepute. 

Honesty & Integrity

Agents must uphold honesty and integrity at all times and avoids allowing them to be placed in a position of conflict of interest. All financial aspects of the Courses shall be managed by TMIS and Agents shall refrain from collecting fees or payments directly from students otherwise than contractually provided for in the Agent’s agreement nor hold out false promises which are in contravention of any expectations stated in the contract to be signed with TMIS. 

Respect & Fairness

Agents must treat all those who come into contact with them with due respect and humility and be fair to all without regard to gender, race or religion and must avoid discrimination at all times.

Professional Competence & Diligence

Agents are expected to possess suitable qualifications, discharge their duties with due care, professional competence and perform their role and responsibilities diligently. They must avoid and refrain from making false or misleading statements, stating half-truths or providing information which may be false, untrue, ambiguous, misleading inaccurate or fraudulent .

To maintain standards and keep abreast of fresh developments, Agents shall continually up-grade their knowledge and attend refresher training and seminars when arranged by TMIS to do so. At all times, Agents are required to exercise all due care and skill and any negligence, carelessness or incompetency which compromises the reputation, integrity of TMIS or Singapore shall be severely dealt with.  

Ethical Practice & Legal Compliance

Agents must always conduct themselves with decorum and refrain from embarking or engaging in unethical or corrupt practices in recruitment of students. Agents are required to observe and comply with all their legal obligations under the Agency Agreement and this Code of Ethics at all times. Agents shall apply principles of fair trading when recruiting students and must NOT engage in high-pressure sales, “bait and switch” advertising or such similar unfair practices

At all times, Agents must comply with the local laws and observe all legal requirements of Singapore and the territory in which such Agents operate.

If any doubt or dispute shall arise in the course of their performance of obligations, Agents shall seek appropriate guidance from TMIS and comply with all reasonable advice/ guidelines from TMIS in order to resolve such doubt or dispute.

Audit, Inspection, Complaints & Investigations


TMIS does not condone any unethical practices or violations of this Code. Any complaints received by TMIS will be thoroughly and impartially investigated and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against errant Agent which may include the termination of the appointment of that errant Agent.

TMIS reserves the right to conduct periodical audits and inspections on the services provided by the Agent and their marketing strategies in accordance with the policies set out by TMIS and /or guidelines propounded by the Council of Private Education and where it is deemed appropriate by TMIS, it may at its absolute discretion deploy a representative to assist the Agent in reviewing marketing activities or conduct meetings, seminars or conferences to address recent developments and resolve operational issues .


At TMIS, we will do our utmost to deliver high quality private education to our students in order to enhance their career prospects.

We are also committed to support our Agents in their recruitment efforts and will communicate all fresh developments and up-dates in timely manner.