IATA Managing the Travel Business Diploma (New)


With more than 1 billion international trips each year, the travel industry offers professionals excellent business opportunities. This course will help learners by improving skills in supervising and managing people and by building business relationships based on win-win negotiating strategies. Learners will also learn how to be competitive by developing new products and market them effectively. They will also gain insight on agency accounting procedures to build business plans that lead to good financial health.



Upon completion of this programme, learners will be able apply a wide-range of skills and knowledge including:

  • Understand the manager’s roles and responsibility within a travel agency
  • Calculate and quote appropriate air fares
  • Develop sound negotiating skills
  • Develop new products and services
  • Arrange special interest travel and tour production
  • Understand the role of information technology - Global Distribution Systems and the InternetSet up proper back office operations
  • Improve operational processes

Course Outline


No. Units
Managerial Skills  
2. Negotiation Skills
3. Special-Interest Travel and Tour Production
4. Corporate Event and Meeting Management
5. Agency Financial Management & Accounting
6. Marketing
7. Technology in the Travel Industry




  • Full Time: 3 Months
  • Part Time: 4 Months

Mode of Instruction

Lectures, group discussions, case-studies, exercises, activities and assessments

Exam information


Please read the General Information on Partner-taught / Self-study exams, and check the Course edition list for exams when booking your exam. 

  • Exam Method: Online exam with remote supervision or an exam in one of IATA’s Exam Centers (where physical presence is required)
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions, Closed Text Book
  • Number of questions: 100
  • Time Allowance: 3 hours
  • Passing Grade: 60 correct answers
  • Distinction Grade: 90 correct answers
  • Number of exam attempts: 2



A Managing the Travel Business Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of the course examination

Certificate awarded


By successfully completing the examination you will receive the Managing the Travel Business Diploma


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Entry Requirement

  • ·       Obtained 2 subject passes minimum C6 for GCE ‘O’ Level with one subject being English language

    ·       GCE ‘O’ level equivalent, as follows:

    o   India:

    §  Completed year 10 with India Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) or Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

    Minimum B1 for English;  A2  for Mathematics; B1  for 2 other subjects; Overall for 5 subjects of at least 75%

    §  Completed year 10 for other State Boards

    Minimum of 80% for English; 90% for Mathematics; 90% for 2 relevant subject;80% for 2 other subjects; overall 5 subject of at least 85%

    §  Completed year 12 (all State Boards)

    Minimum 70% for English; 75% for Mathematics; 75% for relevant subject; 70% for 2 other subjects; overall for 5 subjects of at least 70%

    o   Indonesia:

    §  Completed Years 12 of Senior High School with:

    Minimum score of 6 for English; 7 for Mathematics and for relevant subjects; 6 for other subjects; minimum overall score based on 6 subjects should be at least 40 (SMA UAN)/ Minimum overall score based on 7 subjects should be at least 46 (SMA/SMU Ebtanas)

    o   Malaysia

    §  Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

    §  Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)

    o   Myanmar

    §  Basic Education High School (BEHS)

    Minimum 60% for English; 75% for Mathematics and relevant subjects; 60% for 2 other subjects; minimum overall score of 70% for 5 subjects

    o   People’s Republic of China

    §  Year 2016 ‘Gaokao’ or National College Entrance Examination (NCEE)

    Minimum 60% for English, Mathematics, relevant subjects and 2 other subjects


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Self-Paying Applicants
Tuition Fee
Application Fee
Administration Fee
Examination Fee
7% GST
Total Amount

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Class Commencement Dates

For Commencement dates, kindly refer to our Programme Calendar.