Update Particulars

You may update your personal particulars via the following modes:

  1. Email your updated particulars to info@tmis.edu.sg
  2. Communicate with our friendly staff to update your particulars with TMIS at 6238 8688

By submitting your particulars to TMIS, you agree that we may contact you via telephone, text, fax or email for purpose(s) in order for TMIS to provide desired services, information and assistance. TMIS will make every effort to ensure protection of your personal data and will aim to comply with the obligations of the PDPA. TMIS will not disclose personal data for any unauthorised purpose nor sell any personal data that it collected.

We reserve our rights to amend, modify or refine the Privacy / Data Protection Statement at any time and from time to time. Should you require any assistance or clarifications, you may contact us at (65) 6238 8688.